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Ours by Taylor Swift. Enjoy. reblog if you feel obligated to (:

tyler your voice is beautiful 

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So I know I don’t use this blog anymore , but i need to vent

so i went to the therapist today and it was going really well but then she wanted to talk to my mom because she says i have anorexia and she had to tell my mom and my mom just starts blabbing thinking i’m just doing this for attention . she said i started cutting because it wasthe new fad” and that i like to follow trends like some fucking puppy . i was so mad i could’ve screamed . she did the same fucking thing at the family session when i was in the hospita0z01l . i cannot fucking stand this woman . i feel like the only fucking way she will ever shut the fuck up is if i kill myself and leave her a cute little note telling how FUCKING MAD I AM AT HER ! god i could little kill someone right now , you have no fucking clue , i’m like slamming these keys because i just want to punch her hnjuroayhglercyntfnjssnhbvdxfhmjx UGH FUCK i am so incredibly mad ! she always fucking does this ! bitch , you don’t know fucking shit about me ! nobody fucking does ! you act like queen motherfucking bitch well lemme tell you something you don’t know shit about anything these days , it’s fucking different from how it was thirty fucking years ago , so keep your big wide mouth fucking shut . thanks for listening guys ♥

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So I'm not using this blog anymore because it got really messed up with things I downloaded and this is my other blog so please follow:)

realize that all i’ll be doing is promoting my other blog on this one so might as well follow now guissseee .

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  • me: everyone is beautiful no matter what, okay?
  • me: except me, I don't count.

Im the girl in the mirror.


Im the girl in the mirror.

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